Multiple clips in one


As Im new here so I would like to introduce myself:
Im Tymon, I live in Ireland and Im just starting video editing adventure ;)...
If you are interested you can visit my YouTube channel and watch few of my Videos...

And now my question:

Is it possiblie in Kdenlive to make video in which there is another-smaller video...
I hope you know what I mean - here is example in case I didnt make it clear:

whats the name of this effect ??
how to do it??
does kdenlive support this kind of effects??

in advance thanks for your help
and sorry if there was this kind of question already on forum.

It's really quite easy with Kdenlive.

Here's a tutorial, showing a bit more advanced version:

The video tutorials are worth checking out for beginners. I'd also recommend "Kdenlive - How to use audio and video effects" and "Basic Introduction to Kdenlive"

Ok - I manage to do it - found some help here at forum - here you have my clip: