Multiple effects missing in latest build


I've been trying to install Kdenlive properly after having upgraded to Ubuntu 12.1 a few days ago. Multiple effects are missing in the latest build. Tried re-installing then purging the repositories and installing the development version. In no case did the missing effects appear. I'm loking especially for kdspillm0pup and some of the allpha effects but they are absent. Installled from command line and from software center, no difference.

Would appreciate any help.


When you say latest build do you mean from git via sunabs unstable PPA or from here:

Or latest build that Ubuntu 12.10 distro provides?

It may help to use the PPA or meltytech daily builds if not already.

Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing the same problem too - I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.10, then installed Kdenlive through the software centre... I can't find the "light graffiti" effect in the Kdenlive effect list. I then tried doing a fresh install of 12.04.2, then installed Kdenlive through the software centre, but the effect is still not in the effects list.

Please help! I'd really like to use the light graffiti effect for a project I'm working on.

So via the ubuntu software center you will get a fairly old version -maybe 0.9.2 You should try upgrading to a newer version - 0.9.4