Music Video w/ Kdenlive (Nightingale - Glory Days) with scenes from Serenity

Definitely check out the High Def version... It's really nice that Youtube has started allowing HD content.

This was done mainly to explore using Kdenlive.  I had the Serenity film on my HD from the last music video I did, and I was very familiar with the material and where scenes were (which accellerated a lot of the creative side and allowed me to focus on the tool for this one).

The following bug were submitted during the creation of this video:

Change clip speed has no effect -- clip does not render/preview

Can't move title clip between tracks if there are transitions attached

White text in a title clip is rendered with a green tinge

End/Reverse transitions are incorrectly anchored

Clip in timeline cannot be removed

Ability to zoom timeline in Clip Monitor

Can't manage two transitions between same two tracks

Nice vid.

Thanks a bunch for taking time to file the issues. We will look into them, but it may take some time.



Absolutely!  I'm just estatic that there is now a viable linux NLE that actually, you know, works! (at least most of the time) =)

I'm trying to familiarize myself with parts of the code, so hopefully I can help out when possible.  Might it be possible to describe a good setup?  I have the project open with eclipse C++... Do I just drop in the Qt designer plugin for all the UI parts?


I am not very familiar with the GUI part, really. I spend most of my time trying to get the bugs in a state such that jbm can code on them... that is, getting information from people about them.