Muting video at keyframes

I'm a Cinelerra user and I'm very impressed with kdenlive.  I've mainly used Cin for editing my amateur dramatics productions, where we have two video cameras and I need to flick between the two cameras.

I know how to do this in Cin by showing the Mute track and inserting keyframes when I want to switch from the top camera to the one underneath.

However, Cin is very buggy and exporting from it is a right pain - so I'm very keen to try and move to kdenlive.

Can someone suggest how I could mute/unmute the video at keyframes as I go through?

Thanks for the help,



If, by muting, you mean "hide" both the video and audio, I am not sure there is an *easy* way to do this.

I can think of two ways to handle it.

- cut your production into clips that you shuffle around. I guess this would be almost insane to keep in sync, and very tedious to change.
- Another approach: Add your video clips to track 1 and 2, and use a composit . Add a black track to track 1. Add a composite transition to track 1 and use it to toggle between the two tracks. You will have to use some volume effects too, to control the audio (unless this is the same/separately recorded).

You could also file a feature request in our mantis tracker: