My Call Of Duty gameplays on youtube

So I have been using kdenlive since about july of 2010. I thoroughly enjoy it and hope to get into more complex editing like I am seeing other COD gameplay youtubers have. My only problem is that they use Sony Vegas along with an HD-PVR, I have a challenge ahead of me, first to get an HD-PVR, then to see if kdenlive can achieve similar effects and editing capabilites. Here's one of my videos i made recently using kdenlive 0.7.8 (sunab ppa) within Ubuntu 10.04.

Hm ... new map? Never seen it (but haven't been playing anymore since half a year or so).

yeap, it's trailer park. is a new map in the second downloadable content for MW2.

UbuntuAddicted is going to go VIRAL soon. :-)

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My latest one and I even learned how to use Hydrogen Drum Beat Maker for some better audio that's my own content.