My first HD clip created with kdenlive is now live on YouTube!

The HD project was created as HD 1080p @ 25fps and rendered as a custom MPEG-2 project (*.m2t file type) according to these instructions:

I had forgotten to add some credits and a copyright notice at the end of the clip, so I created those separately and used the Bash "cat" command to concatenate the files after i was done (rendering of the 24 minute clip took 2'30", so I didn't want to run it again).

The finished project is here (hope you like classical piano music!):

The page turn transitions were created with ImageMagick -- I customised a script which was downloaded from here:

After creating the individual images from ImageMagick, I used FFMpeg to create a rawvideo format from the 20 images in each sequence. Later, I imported these into kdenlive in between the stills I used for the pages which can be downloaded here:

I corrected the color levels slightly, created the transitions and then resized each image to 1920x1080 before using them for the video.

The audio is entirely my own! :)

Not sure if a video editor is the right kind of tool for this type of work?
Maybe it would be easier to produce this in something like Open Office Impress (you know, Power point)?

YouTube accepts only video files in different formats. I had to "dress up" what was just a plain audio file as a video in order to upload it to YouTube. It's actually quite common -- take a look around YouTube where there are older recordings from the 1960's or earlier. Most of them are actually slideshows.

And it had to be HD because otherwise, you can't read the notes on the score very well at lower resolutions.