My last vacation in China | Music

This 2012, I went in China for 4 weeks, I bring my Panasonic Camera with me, and Shoot in FullHD 1080p50.
I wasn't sure, I can edit anything in 50p, but Kdenlive work well with it!!!

Kdenlive worked very weel, only one crash (at the beginning because of the music, I think). For the rest everything was perfect, the last rendering use only 10 minutes, but 9 Go of RAM !!!!
I use ffmpeg for the transcode to webm, 360p25 ans 720p30 / I reduced the framerate.

The result is, on my personal website, all video use WebM vidéo format only. / (use firefox or chrome)
check here:

download links are also availables if the internet speed is too slow.

Great! I liked it very much.