My own organic 'Carnival Chill Effect' =~ COOL!

Thought I would share this as I use Kdenlive to create it.

This was shot with the Sanyo Xacti Fh1 @ 60f 1080p (not the nicest cam in the world but does shoot at these high frame rates)

Edited on Ubuntu 11.04 using Kdenlive and added in Techno color and B + Blur, Glow...then slowed it down 50% then rendered to the Webm format @ 8K.

Idea from:

KDENlive Rules!

Nice output, thanks for sharing. Quick question (I'm new), how did you slow it down to 50% - did you slow both tracks down to 50% individually, or did you render both tracks first before slowing them down as a single track?