My second music video from my band, done with Kdenlive naturally!

Video is about gigging in Finland, summer and winter, difference between temperatures is about 50 celsius...

Audio is a demo we did for recording company, we haven't done it "properly/more seriously" yet, but I hope soon! Cheers!

Good job man!
Nice song, nice cuts and editing exept the first effects (too much?). What happened with aspect ratio on youtube?
Greetings from Italy,

Thanks, dude!

Hmm, maybe a bit (10% lol) too much FX on the first two clips, but that was my purpose... Those felt too "naked" in the editing stage, and the purpose of the first FX was to bury my face... LOL, but sometimes I feel it's naive to show clear faces so long... I'm still quite new to this video editing, this is my 3rd video overall, so my "eye" is probably wiser in the long run.

I really don't know what happened to aspect ratio in the end, but I'm quite positive I didn't mean that. I mixed some different clips (avi, mp4, different ratios IIRC) so it can also be my mistake (surprise surprise..) so I gotta be more careful in the next video.

Greetings from sunny Finland (10-15 hot days in a year...)