My suggestions after a month of Kdenlive

I'm an editor, I work with Vegas Pro and less with FPC, Avid, now I'm trying Kdenlive for a month ca. and I written a list of many unimplemented and very important features missing from this powerful software, some aren't too difficult to achieve IMHO.

I want share this list with you:

- more more more and more stability of the software
- optimize reactivity of the software on play-reverse-forward-pause commands
- audio playback on play-reverse-forward fast-slow events (moviola)
- optimize and possibility to customize quality of the preview
- when create "New project" possibility to modify every options starting from a template (width, height, fps, aspect ratio, etc)
- frame quantization option and quantization on/off possibility
- menu appear/disapper on mouseover-top when in fullscreen mode
- safe areas in preview monitor (on/off)
- safe areas in the titler with position options (5,10,20,25,30% of the safe area)
- safe areas auto-adapt on every video format
- safe areas on/off and relative shortcut
- video/audio cross-transitions natively from the same track
- customize thumbnails frequency/number for videos
- custom zoom options in preview monitor (example 25% and 50% 100% or ctrl+- or mousewhell)
- add a pan/zoom/crop dialog window natively for every video clip in the timeline (right click pan/zoom)
- add normalization of audio clip on right click and relative shortcut (example ctrl+n)
- customize timecode options and support for timecode standards like SMTPE etcetera
- possibility to customize RAM utilizing for preview and other operations
- possibilty to apply effects directly on the track and track-groups
- possibility to expand/collapse vertically track and track-groups also with shortcuts
- more options for every single clip in the project like modify aspect/ratio for a single video clip, playback rate/resampling for a single audio clip
- semplify exporting options

And this's another list of other secondary features, it would be nice to see in future releases of Kdenlive:

- video deinterlacement and resampling options
- flickering reduction options
- audio stereo-phasing, spacing, leveling options
- possibility to customize transitions and effects with a timeline, keyframes and curves (linear, fast, slow, smooth, hold, ...) and options to syncing keys
with the main timeline, or modify effects timeline directly on the main timeline
- possibility to apply effects on-the-fly on right click on the clip like now but with a dialog box over the window with effect customizations
- fonts auto-re-caching on-the-air after install new font (at open software like Adobe softwares)
- gop rendering (not re-rendering compilant video formats, à-la-Vegas)
- supports for external monitors and dual monitors
- add a 3D/stereogliphic primitive support
- track, track-groups with different colors to easy editing operations (à-la-Vegas)
- edl, aaf, xml import and export supports (important)
- bars and tones generator with standard templates (easy but very important)
- export project to DV/HDV with Firewire, OCHI, etc...
- optimize and fast rendering times with latest CPU and video GPU improvements
- fast multicamera editing with mouse and keyboard support
- scroolbars with zoom horizontal and vertical of timeline (like FinalCut, Vegas, etc...)

Finally I dream an official tutorial how to switching from another NLE with a table "shortcut difference" or (very very funny) implement a shorcut-maps select in Kdenlive to adapt shortcut to a selection of most used NLE softwares (autoremapping) :)

I know it's very difficult to reach these advances anyway devs thank you very very much for this powerful software running under Linux, very thanks!

PS If there're any errors cuz I'm writing on the spot

Thanks for the suggestions! Bookmarked it :)