need help badly

ok heres my problem ive been trying to install kdenlive but i never succeeded, lately this is what i did:
(im using ubuntu jaunty)

1. i entered this in terminal: sudo apt-get install kdenlive dvgrab frei0r-plugins swh-plugins libfaad0 (as said in the download are)
2. i went Applications--Sound and Video--Kdenlive, when i click on it an error pops up saying "Fatal Error - MLT's SDL module not found"

someone please help me with this, i kinda need an editor right now, ive been playing with how to install this the whole day and haven't succeeded yet.

This issue is created by a faulty plugin in the frei0r library. You can solve it is by unistalling frei0r, though that's not really helpful because you will loose support for some effects. There is a work around though, you can manually remove the plugin by going to this directory /usr/lib/frei0r-1 (or something like that) and remove the plugin.