Need MENTOR: Import time guides from midi, cvs, or other.

Hallo all,
Generating new guides from a sound file is important for sincronization of
audio and video effects. To import guides, I have used some dirty tricks,
to generate the portion of the project.
However, I want to make the process available to others. So I would like
to find a someone here that could give me pointers so that I can struggle
with te code myself and help.

This is what I have done:
1- Use SONICVISUALIZER, input the audio file, and looking at it write the
annotation layer with the corresponding info I want to use in kdenlive. One
can also use beat detection, note detection, or any other thing inside it
to make this more precise.
2- Export to cvs (but could be midi, txt, or others) to get timing information
3- Append this stuff to a given kdenlive project file in the form of

I have been looking around, to see where I should get my hands dirty to do
this, but so far I don't know if I should be messing with MLT or trying to
add a simple menu in KDENLIVE to import this cvs files. I don't want to mess
up anything, nor waste anyone's time.

All the best and thanks in advance for any answers or help I can get.


The guides are a Kdenlive feature, MLT has no such thing. So to import guides, we should add an option to the clip's context menu, and probably ask user for the format (cvs with only timecodes, cvs with timecodes and comments, ...).

I can help if you provide a sample timecode file.