needed help on a project

Sorry for my newbieness here people, but for my local town band, they want me to setup a video for a 1080p screen, tilted 90 degrees, and showing posters and video recordings with effects..

now all in all I'm new at the whole idea, my boss has thrown me in the deep end of this, so I need help!

1st off, how do I set a video from 640x360 to fit in 1080x1440, or 2 of them at once even..

2nd, how and what is available to flip/rotate and zoom into a clip (I have JPG pictures saved as 30 second AVIs)

And 3rd, I can overlay a JPG over a video, to fill in blank gaps? (so a 360px video that sitting in 1440px screen, so there is 540px gaps above and below the video that needs filling)

I am frantically searching over google, the manuals and this forum for any hits or tips for this, but nothing that really covers it..

and please none of this "oh just click this. Easy!" treat me like a 5 year old and tell me where this "this" is in the vast menus..

Thanks everyone

Do you really have to rotate the movie, or do you feed the screen with a computer that has your screen(s) as a 1080x1920 or 2160x1920 display, tilted by 90 degrees, so that your movie does not have to be tilted?

I am using kdenlive in German, so the context menu entries may have a different name than I write here - but you will know them, whem you see them. Effects and transitions can be manipulated in the views which appear on the left, if you click on them (transitions) or clips (effects) in the timeline. And I did not verify the workflow, it's just an idea without having kdenlive at hand.

Create a project with the appropriate screen size, you may want to use the 1920x1080 progressive project settings as a template. Change the resolution to match your needs. Do you really need anamorphic scaling of the 1440px resolution to 1920px? Maybe you have to try it, but I suppose the 1920 resolution will be your choice.

Then you can add your 640x360 clips to the project. Click on a clip in the project files (left) and cut them in the clip view (right) using the "i" and "o" key and then drag and drop the preview screen to a track on the timeline - your trimmed clip will appear there. If you want to adjust the clip length in the timeline, you can drag the beginning and end of the clip in the timeline. If you want to fit the clip to the project screen size, apply a scaling or pan, scan, zoom effect (right click on the clip in the timeline->add effect). If you enlarge the movie too much, it may look bad.

You can overlay tracks (independent if they contain pics or clips) this way: Add one clip to track 3 and another clip to track 2, let them overlap. Apply the "composite" transition (right click on a clip->add transition) to the clip on track 2. If you need to move or resize one of the clips, you have to apply an effect to it - pan scan zoom, move, scale, something like that. In the composite transition settings you can also set the level of transparency.

If you really need to flip the movie, you can create a new project with the final resolution and add your kdenlive project from before as a clip. Add it to the timelina and apply a rotate effect.

Render the project. If rendering is slow, you may want to render only a part of your edits, just use i and o keys on the timeline and tag "render selection" int the render settings.

Sorry, this is not a step by step manual. Browse the program, play with it, know it at the end. Search this forum, almost all of your needs have been explained here before.

Good luck!