A new 4K Open source cinema Camera

This one is really a beast..

4k resolution
Super 35mm sensor (Global Shutter) No wiglling!!
15 stop Dynamic Range
Cinema DNG Recording!!


Well!! Now kdenlive should get ready to import Cinema DNG footage

Yes, as they seem to be looking for software to work with their data.

Open Cine


There are several free and open raw-image processing tools for still images like: ufraw, darktable, RawTherapee, Rawstudio, digiKam and many more. While some of them offer batch processing capabilities none of these tools were designed for moving pictures. Processing DNG sequences is cumbersome and time consuming, CinemaDNG MXF files are not yet supported at all.
This is where our new software comes in. Its a raw processing tool designed from the ground up for moving images instead of still images.

We are looking for software developers to work on this!

leoplaw :
Kickstart it!!! Hire developers... :) By the time Axiom finishes the building, you would finish the development..