New build wizard released for Kdenlive 0.7.4

Due to the changes to MLT, you will need the new 0.9.90 release of the build wizard, if you wish to use the wizard to build version 0.7.4 of Kdenlive.

You can get it at

Sorry about the late release.



Hey Madsdyd,

I'm trying out the buildwizard on ubuntu 9.04.
There seems to be an issue, the wizard keeps crashing at 52%. Because of some issue ("could'n configure ffmpeg").

I've uploaded the log here:

Thanks for posting a build log! Makes it about a 1000 times easier to spot the problem.

Here is the fail from ffmpeg:

FAAD test failed.

And, here is a dump of the relevant choice from the Wizard:


If you either a) install the needed libs (as indicated in the warning under the "Advanced" button, in the tooltip and the "What's this" information) OR b) uncheck AAC support, then it should work for you.

May I recommend that you do not enable the advanced ffmpeg options until you have successfully run the wizard at least once. You can then experiment with enabling them.

Also: I am happy to learn that it is working (to some extent) in 9.04 - I have had reports indicating the opposite.

Ok, unchecking those optional libraries solved the problem (aac itself was not enough though). Compilations finished without any further errors. Thanks!
I should have paid more attention to those warnings :-)


I am thinking about making them flash and blink, perhaps sound a siren. You are far from the only one that has missed that warning. :-)



FYI I am using it Ubuntu 9.04 just fine.

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