A new editor in town

Mmm, uses MLT, same media handling framework as kdenlive and Openshot and Frei0r plugins. Will give it a try out of interest.

Lightworks is being released to linux soon:


You'll have to buy the pro version for certain codec support, but at $60 or so... it's pure genius. I'll gladly pay that to forever exit Mac and PC for pro level video editing.

Pls only talk about the Subject, flowblade. Start a new thread for others. Lightworks releasing on linux is an well known news. But anticipated one. I am talking about released software here.

I've been playing with Flowblade for a bit and have a few comments that I hope the KDEnlive team might pick up on an have some first impression comparisons.

First up the name. Really, it's embarrassing. Sounds like something a twelve year old gamer would come up with for a software package. But seriously.... Kdenlive still beats it for features and power. Effects are limited, I couldn't find transitions at all. You can't do proper split-but-sync-locked clips. Layout is fixed, you can't get up two monitor source/record monitors or vector scopes and video monitors up together, no short cut keys and of course it lacks Kden's excellent proxy feature. I've found Kdenlive plays back 720pm .mp4 in realtime on my machine, but Flowblade (still hate that name) tends to drop frames.


Timeline editing is AWESOME! Beats Kden hands down. It has proper timeline ripple editing: splice in and extract a la AVID, and trim modes with realtime feedback. I found some flaws. it wouldn't splice-in inside a clip with the mark in, but slipped back to the nearest cut. Overwrite edit seems to work fine. There's also something weird around empty spaces, in that it doesn't like gaps in the timeline, and either slides your clip back adjacent to the prior clip, or leaves a blank clip, which is white, not black by default. However that clips is at least transparent if on layer 2, etc.

it's also very stable, which is not the case on my set up with Kden which crashes frequently, though the excellent autosave backup feature makes that bearable.

When you're done with the refactoring, KDEN team live need to take a look at Flowblade's (uurrggghhh) timeline - you need to get that sort of functionality in Kdenlive to keep it ahead of the pack.

Oh, and rendered effects in the timeline, you need that too! :-)

Update. OK, found another flaw, the splice in I was so impressed by only seems to want to work on each track alone, so if you have a cutaway on video Track 2 and splice in a shot earlier into track 1, Track 1 will slide along subsequent clips but track two will stay put. You can parent clips to other clips on other tracks, bit 1) this doesn't actually seem to work (doesn't work for split audio) and b) it's pain to do every time you edit a track onto another clip. So my revised assessment is that it makes a great start but still has much to do. (Plus I've made it crash at last, but at least its autosave and recovery seems as good as Kdenlive's)

I second the name change... at least they aren't calling themselves "gimp"....

I tried flowblade and I have to agree about the timeline, I used to cut full time on really big AVID media composers and it really is the best way of doing business, but there's clearly isn't finished yet. I don't recall seeing any incoming tracks that I could patch around, just timeline tracks. Kdenlive would seriously benefit from changing over to an AVID style timeline. I also noticed flowbalade has the same clunky "split" audio stuff, no serious editor wants to deal with that, ever.

Agreed on the split audio thing, but Kdenlive has the split audio automatically under Configure Kdenlive, which gets around that, and the CTRL + drag to perform L-Cuts on grouped clips is pretty sweet.

Certainly proper ripple insert editing and trimming in the timeline would make Kdenlive serious contender. It one of three features I think it desperately needs in order to be taken seriously, the other two being rendering effects in the timeline (don't give me this "it's all realtime" bullshit when I've got three layers of PNG images with the transparency set to additive transition keyframed to zoom in over a colour corrected clip) and the third being not crashing every ten minutes, erm, no, I mean, realtime updating, when trimming on the timeline, in the project monitor. I mean, if they can get the THUMBNAILS to update, why not feed that through to the project monitor? Big hint, Flowblade (grrrrr) has that too.