New effect project: Linufx

Hello,, a French website for advanced video,
announced the lanch of a new effect project:

I proposed its founder to join Kdenlive and interface linuxfx with Kdenlive and MLT to make it a standard tool.

Kind regards,

Bonjour, j'ai essayé d'installer le paquet LinuFX, il y a un prob d'incompatibilité avec libavformat unstripped libcv ne s'installe pas avec libavformat unstripped, et le retour a libavformat coupe Kdenlive , je ne suis pas allé plus loin pour le momment, comme je ne suis pas analyste system linux je ne trouve pas la solution. voila mon experience si ca peu rendre service


Bonjour Etienne,

ton problème d'installation de libcv-dev, t'obligeant ainsi à désinstaller les bibliothèques unstripped de ffmpeg et normal sur Ubuntu (pour le moment). En effet libcv-dev demande l'installtion par exemple de libavformat-dev, dépendant uniquement du paquet libavformat52 (dans sa version stripped). Ceci a éte une volonté des packagers debian, pour empecher quiconque de compiler des programmes "par mégarde" avec un ffmpeg unstripped. Je précise que c'est une décision qui vient de changer très récemment et les packagers debian on modifié les dépendances des pauquets libavxxx-dev pour que leur installation soit permise avec des paquets unstripped. Cependant ce ceci ne sera jamais inclu dans les dépôts Ubuntu officiels.
C'est pour cette raison (et d'autres) que j'ai repackagé ffmpeg pour Jaunty. Donc si tu utilise mon ppa de test tu n'aura plus ce problème.
deb jaunty main

Hello Etienne,

your problem with libcv-dev install, forcing you to uninstall unstripped ffmpeg libraries is normal in Ubuntu (for now). Indeed libcv-dev request the installation of libavformat-dev, depending only on libavformat52 (in its stripped version). This has been a decision of debian packagers, to prevent anyone from compiling programs "accidentally" against an unstripped ffmpeg. But that it was a decision that has changed very recently, the debian packagers changed dependencies of libavxxx-dev packages to allow their installation with unstripped packages. However, this this will never be included in the official Ubuntu repositories.
It's for this reason (and others) that I repackaged ffmpeg for jaunty. So if you use my test ppa you will not have this problem.
deb jaunty main


J'ai le même problème que Etienne, et donc j'ai ajouté votre dépôt, mais voilà ce que me sort aptitude :
Donc je ne peut malheuresement pas tester Kdenlive.

I have the same problem than Etienne, so I had your repository, but aptitude output :
So I can't try Kdenlive.


Whenever possible, I propose to use only English.
JB and I speak French as a native language, but we use only English on the forum.

Linufx does not compile:

Kdenlive 0.7.5 can be installed using our builder wizard.
You can also install 0.7.3 from Ubuntu official repositories but these versions are deprecated.
You can also build the source by hand, this is quite easy for a developer.

I am not sure I understand the compilation problem. I hope Ubuntu will fix these issues shortly.

Cheers, Jean-Michel

Sorry for that. My packages haven't been heavily tested.
In your case an update from a stripped install of ffmpeg libs fails. I need to review my package. I will do that maybe tomorrow if I have sufficient time.

Thanks for reporting.

@jmpoure : the problem with ffmpeg package was discussed here :

Hello, I tried to install(settle) the package LinuFX, there is a prob of incompatibility with libavformat unstripped libcv does not settle down with libavformat unstripped, and the return has libavformat cut Kdenlive, I did not go farther for the momment, as I am not system an analyst Linux I do not find the solution. Voila my experience if ca to return few service

i try your repo, now Linufx work thank's

Etienne > if you have time, try to compile SVN version, which is more interesting than version0.3

jmpoure > I tried the wizard, but he need Kommander KDE 3 version, and I'm under KDE4 ^^
EDIT : it works finally with KDE4 version, but when he tried to compile Kdenlive, it failed and output
"CMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.
Please set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files:
QT_QTDBUS_LIBRARY (ADVANCED) linked by target "kdenlive_render" in directory /home/malgon/src/kdenlive/renderer"

sunab > okay, so i will wait a few for testing Kdenlive :) (I need libcv-dev for developping LinuFx)

Thanks Malgon,

So let's wait for the packages.
One day, you may have a look at Debian, it is very well maintained.

Okay, let's get back to the point:

* MLT is a video editing engine with layers and plugable effects. Kdenlive is a GUI for MLT.

* If you adapt Linufx to MLT, the first step would be to plug your effects as a seperate plugin or to add effects to existing plugins, for example frei0r. Your choice. If you checkout MLT from GIT, look into mlt/src/modules/frei0r/ for an example. Frei0r-plugins is based on libcv. So it may be the place to develop your plugins. They are very cool.

* Then your effects will be available to all video applications using MLT layer. This will save you a lot of work because Kdenlive will be able to manage timeline, rendering, reading original media. In a few week we plan to provide GPU decoding. You will not achieve all this alone or within years. Kdenlive and MLT took several years to develop. This will save you time and efforts, so that you are able to concentrate on effects.

* Linufx can stay a different project. If you provide a pluggable interface, you may be able to interact with effects from Kdenlive and other various applications. To give an example, digikam has an effect interface called showfoto. The betas are in Debian. I don't know for Ubuntu. But if you manage to install digikam for KDE4, it will give you showfoto. This is a clear example of what we are looking for.

Of course, showfoto is for color. Your interface will be completely different. It will be named Linufx and will concentrate only on effects. It can have hundred thousands of lines and be very easy to use for the end user.

This short presentation is to explain is that if you work
* at MLT level on the one hand,
* and on a generic bluggable interface on the other hand,
linufx will be available everywhere to thousands of users, maybe much more.

So you will benefit immediately from a large user base of users, testers, translators and developers.

I don't understand when you speak about a "pluggable interface".
Have you got a doc to learn how MLT works ?

EDIT : perhaps could we meet on IRC ?

You can contact me on IRC freenode or ortc: jmpoure

MLT documentation:

Basically, Kdenlive will produce an MLT document.
This document can be read by melt (mlt command line player) and any MLT compliant program.

@malgon : I have updated my ffmpeg package, now you can smoothly update your system. Now use only my "kdenlive ppa" (the other one I gave you previously is only for personal tests).

deb jaunty main