New features suggestion!

Hello, I'd like to propose 3 new useful features to kdenlive.

First: Chroma key video Effect. It's widely used for professional and amateurs, improve your video and is easy to use. At present I'm using Cinelerra for the job.

Second: A title effect. It would be useful to create "credits" effect (make the text scroll up/down) and control the speed. I suggest a view at Pinnacle Studio.

Third: We can razor clips, it would be nice to merge 2 razored clips into one again.

The scrolling credits effect you and probably do now, though it might not be as straight forward as you would like.

Have two empty tracks above your main track.
Make some single-page title clips (transparent background) and place them in alternate tracks, each starting half way though the previous clip.

For each title clip, create a PIP transition between the title clip and the main track. Have each transition start with the image below the view
(vert.position = 100) and ends above the view (vert. position = -100).

This works with 0.5svn but probably doesn't work with 0.4

I just tried it out and it looks ok.

Neil, this us what I was still looking for, I will be going to give it a try by using your instructions.
Do you have an example small movie clip available to show what the credits / scrolling text looks like?

Thanks for your tips anyway!

That is a hack, Kdenlive needs a proper credits creator.