NEW Kdenlive is AWESOME could use colorgrading tool and de-shake features to beat other editors

I am in LOVE with how great the new editor works, now I want more:) I know it's a lot to ask but it's really hard to make my video compete with people using color grading programs like Magic Bullets and the similar. If they could make a plug in or effect that gave certain "looks" that would really make this a pro level editor.

Also the other effect i would love to see would be a de-shake pluging for fixing hand held footage. I know that a hard one but all the other effect are I can only thing of these two people would ever need.

One last thing the slow motion in Kdenlive does something wierd to my footage that does not look good. I have a video example here to shoe the differences from taking 60p footage and lowering it to 24p, and just using Kdenlive to do the slow-mo.
If the developers could do an actual frame rate convertion during rendering that would be SWEET!

Can't think of anything else..... the proxy files work so great with my canon 7d files! I LOVE IT!!

Take a look at this for slo-mo...

It's not Kdenlive but It's made by Granjow, a Kdenlive forum user, and once you have slowed down your clip you could add to Kdenlive and drag it to the timeline.
Look at the demo videos, you'll be AMAZED.

I've never used "deshake" but I read that you can use for now virtualdub (for windows) under wine. Some say it has a good deshaker plugin...

Wow, Slowmovideo seems to be great, thanks for the link!

Deshaker is a very helpful tool. Simply download Virtualdub ( ) and install the Deshaker plugin .
VirtualDub runs very fine with Wine.

For ColorCorrection you can do pretty much in Kdenlive with the Bezier-Curves and all the other tools, although some thing like Blenders HSV Color Wheels for shadows, mids and lights would be grat ;)