New logo ideas

HI all,

Just joined.. new to the linux thing but loving the community feel to it already..

HAd Ubuntu 8.10 on a cd about 2 weeks ago and i've installed it with wubi on a separate partition.. not sure what windows looks like anymore as I haven't felt the need to go back yet..

SO anyway onto the logo.. I am feeling that this app needs a fresh looking logo and I found a post from cinephiliac stating some proposed ideas.. but I cannot see the images on the site? can anyone point me in the right direction?

I am also a designer and would love to get my teeth into this logo.. kdenlive is looking to be my edit package of choice in ubuntu and I want to rid all the others so that I have a clean distro to work from.. the last thing I need to do is sort out some polishe dlooking icons for my software and kdenlive is lacking that web 2.0 look that most of the others seem to be sprouting.. Firefox logo is one of the ones I admire along with the simplicity of the Adobe CS3 suite.. if anyone ha any prefernces on this It would be great ot know where people stand and I can get cracking or contribute in any possible.

cheers for a sweet app and look forward to future discussions and uses..

The one thing lacking on Ubuntu is a definate set of packages that reflect the polished feel of the rest of the ditro.. so if kdenlive can look visually pleasing in the menu's and the docking widget.. it will be admired from afar as well as used on a day to day basis.

nince one