New Slackware packages

I am proud to be able to announce, that per today, I have been able to complete the long cycle of creating a new set of kdenlive packages for the Slackware community.

I have split up all dependencies for ffmpeg into a separate package, so that upgrading each part should become much easier. For each of those packages I have tried to install the most recent version, so with these you're pretty much in shape for an upcoming upgrade of kdenlive.

For those that have installed kdenlive, ffmpeg etc from my previous packages: please uninstall those prior to installing these new packages. I am sorry I cannot make this any easier than that, but I bet that this is a small step, even if it may not be so small for mankind ;-)

Please be aware that it will be very hard for me to provide support on packages I did not create, however: each package contains the slackbuild script used to create the package in /usr/doc/
.SlackBuild, it should not be too hard to get those upgraded.

Please use this forum to provide feedback and upgrade requests, and I'll do what I can to meet your request.

This overhaul has cost me quite some time and effort, however, I am very pleased with the result so far.

Please take a look at:

It appears I was too early releasing this version of kdenlive as it appears to crash right after the configuration with:
"kdenlive(pid) KXMLGUICLient::setXMLFile: cannot find .rc file "kdenliveui.rc" for component "kdenlive".

I'll go look into this: where this file is expected and why it cannot be found; Expect an updated release shortly;

Edit: The cause has been found, a glitch in my build script regarding the installation path; mea culpa. This new release I just tested and at least it does not crash upon start ;-) A more thorough test might be handy, but I lack the time and means to do so in depth. Use build 2, which I am going to release asap.

Edit2: Build 2 of the packages has been released; These should run fine.

Upcoming shortly: new packages for Slackware 13.37 and Kdenlive 0.8!

The packages have been created, partially tested; I'll upload them when I can (probably tonight) and make a forum post. Stay tuned.

Uploading done; please provide feedback so I can improve what is lacking.

Mind that there is a new package qjson (provided) and that libraw1394 is out of the list, since I found this package included in Slackwae 13.37