New user


I have discovered Kdenlive. I have been looking off and on for a video editor for several months and this one appears like it will meet my needs and has a basically simple interface. I was using Pinnacle some but have eliminated Windows XP from my computer. Kdenlive has the "feel" of Pinnacle Studio so it already seems to be more comfortable to move around in. I have been using Ubuntu (9,04 currently) for about 1 year and can do all I need with it and it has been a very stable OS for me. I installed version 0.7.3 from the Ubuntu repositories. Other editors, to me, seemed unintuitive and made me feel like I was in a foreign country. They just did not make me feel welcome and able to jump right into it.

I will be looking more into the program and reading up and watching tutorials. I will also be browsing the forums and web site for other info. When the need arises I will inquire on the forums for help.

Those are my thoughts.