New user feedback

Hi kednlive users,

I have been using linux and all sorts of multimedia apps for many years now.  I had tried kdenlive for kde3 a while back, but never could do more than a couple of things before it crashed no matter what versions, prebuilds, build from source etc etc options I tried.

Well things have certainly come a long way!  KDE 4 version looks terrific and is very very stable - I may actually be able to do an entire project with this version.  So just wanted to say good work to the devs and keep it up!

I have noticed one bug so far - importing DV PAL 16:9 from my panasonic nvgs400 camera into a 16:9 project is only shown as 4:3 with the sides having black bars unless I do the following -> force the clips pixel aspect ratio to 1.42 after putting it into the timeline, and then dragging it into the track below the original one I put it in!  It then displays correctly (my camera uses anamorphic squeeze 720x576 not fake 4:3 with the top and bottom cut off)

Other thing is, how can I flip the image?  I filmed some stuff upside down low to the ground on my tripod and want to flip it the right way around.  the rotate effect did nothing but give me a black screen.


Anyway, not to complain - it looks like this project is really going somewhere, I hope to stay and become a frequent user and helper on the forums



Please open a bug for your DV PAL 16:9 from my panasonic nvgs400.
Also try DVgrab/Kino if it produces the same result.
Also try to register your camcorder in our database. 
Kind regards and thank you for the feedback.

the 16:9 bug is the same when imported from kino....kino sees it as 16:9, but not kdenlive...will open a bug.  Thanks

Does this thread help with 16:9 being displayed as 4:3? It did for me.

To turn the image upside down, you can use the mirror effect and select "flop" as direction

I have already put special code in MLT to workaround a failure in FFmpeg to detect DV. This FFmpeg problem might be limited to AVI and/or MOV if I recall correctly. Can you please tell me if your DV is AVI, MOV, or Raw? If you have not tried Raw, please test it by exporting as Raw from Kino. Thank you.