New user feedback: 1) AWESOMENESS 2) "Monitor Resize" confusion

1) As above, this is Amazing! Kdenlive, where have you been all my life?!
(Of course, i've only been using Linux for a couple months now... Goodbye, Movie Maker)

2) A small item that had me scratching my head for a while. I was making a custom Layout with just the Monitor above the Timeline. I wanted to make the monitor fit the width of the window.

I noticed the little wrench on the monitor toolbar that contains "Resize (100%)" and "Resize (50%)". Almost what i want, so i tried them. Here's were the frustration begins. After discovering its not exactly what i need, i want to return to the previous "scale" or behavior. It feels like there should be "Resize to Fit Window". Even better (for my purposes) would be "Resize (Fit Window Width)" and "Resize (Fit Window Height)". But then i wondered if those would resize with any window changes. So, another two buttons come to mind: "Sticky Width", "Sticky Height"

Does any of this exist, and i just haven't found it?
The only way i found to undo the "Resize __%" buttons, was to close and reopen kdenlive. This can't be the only way, right?