New video engine for OpenShot

I see that Openshot is creating a new video editing engine.
Just out of curiosity, what's the state of Kdenlive's engine?


What do you mean by 'State', kdenlive uses MLT Media Lovin Toolkit.

MLT and Kdenlive can be compiled on Mac. Not very easily apparently.

I once tried to compile MLT on windows without success. Dan Dennedy has a page describing how to do it. But Dan does not really support the Windows build. I don't think there is anyone using Kdenlive on windows. Apparently the architecture of Kdenlive (using QT framework) makes a windows port pretty hard and I recall Dan Dennedy saying he has given up on ever getting that to work. Which is why he started ShotCut as a front end to mlt.

That open shot to windows and mac kickstarter looks exciting. I hope it gets up.