Newer build script needed? lots of issues right now

Due to JBM's email on the development list from earlier in November, he said there have been some major changes and that the compile now requires CMake.

FFMPEG no longer compiles with a lot of the flags from the initial script;

I am wondering if newer instructions are needed or a newer script is needed? Does cmake have to be invoked some how special?

See my instructions under "Compile Failure". Get all the packages from the repository and simply configure using those instructions. I downloaded to /usr/local.

Unfortunately the post here doesn't address either the script, nor the recent changes in ffmpeg (not working with --enable-libmp3lame and the rest, for example), nor does it AFAIK create localized binaries to prevent make install from overwriting system files and package manager issues. And i'm not at all sure what "Best to do a make clean checkout" which is why I was using the script in the first place -- i have no clue with compiling stuff nor anything with SVN...

Could you better explain this to me?