Next release after 0.5?

Is the very next release after 0.5 going to include new features or be bug fixes only? I am in favor of the latter, especially if it would come sooner. With a few bug fixes, I would be very satisfied with 0.5.

Here are my suggestions:

Also, kdenlive sometimes crashes or freezes, but I haven't figured out how to reproduce it.

I'd like to second this.

There are many FOSS tools out there that are technically beautiful, but with horrible usability. Kdenlive already has a fabulous feature set and gorgeous usability. The only thing holding me back for using it in our studio is that every time I go to use it we hit a real showstopper of a bug. Right now I'm having the Export to DVD function crash 1 second after clicking on generate DVD stating "The export terminated unexpectedly. The output file will probably be corrupted."

I would happily donate money / artwork just to have the program exactly as it is, with no new features, but just stable importing/editing/and outputting 1080 HDV clips to DVD. As another idea, could I suggest creating a "Bounty" developers subforum. I know these could be posted under general or bug report, but actually having a forum would encourage people to post bounties and enable potential developers to keep checking in.

Cherio and thanks for the kick booty work you guys are doing. Roll on (a stable) 0.6! (Hopefully for the Ubuntu Valentines!)