No sound when playing VOB clip

Importing a VOB clip that plays fine in Totem. No sound in Kdenlive 0.5. Using Gutsy 7.10.


Again, could be a problem in MLT with ac3 or mp2 support.
Also, check Kdenlive -> preferences if ALSA is enabled.

This kind of issue is not a bug.
Thanks god this works perfectly, of course.

Maybe you should open a single thread in the main forum and the community will help you.

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Hello all,

I have the same problem when importing a clip from my cam (DCR-SR190 Sony). The file generated by the cam is a mpeg2 movie with ac3 sound. The video play fine but there is no sound.

Is there any log file or configuration file to troubleshoot this problem ?

Thanks in advance.


I have just buy a DCR-SR190E too. And I have the same problem. The input files are encoded with MPEG-2 and AC3. Unfortunately, there is not sound in the output file.
In the clip property, there is not information about the audio encoding.

How to check if the problem comes from MLT ?

Nico. P.

sony dcr sr190e

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blazar: Do you still use camera obscura and phonograph ? ... Old technology for ever ? Personnally, I don't use them anymore.

For the others, the problem seems to come from ffmpeg which has not been build with liba52 on my distro (Ubuntu Gutsy).

This could be checked with "ffmpeg --version".

After ffmpeg recompilation, kdenlive works perfectly on my MPEG2 + AC3 5.1 files.
You also may recompile MLT framework if it doesn't work.