No transitions at all

I have two clips and I click right on the first one. Then on Add a transition and then I chose a transition. The transition appears in the timeline. But in the video nothing is changing. The clips look like before. This happens for every transition.

By the way: I'm using kdenlive 0.5 from the Ubuntu repositories on my Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10).


I hav exactly the same problem.
i add the transition, but nothing "transitiony" happens-
there is an abrupt change from one clip to the other.

I use KDEnlive 0.5 (Using KDE 3.5.5-0.2.fc6)

Any suggestions?

I have a similar problem on Ubuntu 7.10, kdenlive 0.5.
I see the transitions in the timeline monitor, and they work just as advertised... But when I render the file, no matter what output format I use, I get black where there should be a transition, and the video speed varies.... I have added a music soundtrack to the project, that's speeding up and slowing down as well. Anyone seen this one?

same problem for me... I add transitions to my images but nothing happened..  I couldn't see transition effects between my images...  is there a way to solve the problem. I use Pardus and kdenlive 0.6

Kdenlive 0.5 and 0.6 are deprecated and unmaintained. Kdenlive 0.7 is a complete rewrite. Please contact your package maintainer and ask for an upgrade. Or install from sources. We provide all needed information.

Upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 and install Kdenlive 0.7.1 from our recommended repositories.

I have ubuntu 8.04 and I compiled 0.7.1 from source using the instructions provided.  The transitions are not working.  I can add them, but the project monitor does not show them at all.  I had to disable libdirac in the ffmpeg compile due to a compilation issue with the version included in the 8.04 repos.

Transitions work. You probably are not using it correctly. Try harder.

I'm italian and maybe my English isn't correct....

I use Ubuntu and Kdenlive 0.7.2 compiled from source.

I can't use the transition. I click on the image and select "add transition" and i choose one of the transition. But i don't see the transition in the video.

I read that transitions works....How i can use (correctly) transitions? And what transitions you use to work it?

I had this problem too. The tip is to seperate the 2 clips in different tracks (Eg. Clip 1 in track 1 & clip 2 in track 2) and overlap it (the length of transition), then right click on the the 1st clip (the area of overlapping) and add transition (eg. luma). Then, try playing it and see the effect on transition on the  project monitor. For more information please go to   --> 2.8 Adding a transition


I was having the same issue. I believe this is the fix, I'll try this next time I have Kden up. Well done, this was much more helpfull than try