No "yellow bar" for transition (resolved)

I have no "yellow bar" for the transitions; I've only the name ?
In case of composite transition I have no "red square" in transition window.
I use KDENLIVE0.7.6with KDE 4.3.2 and Karmic (ubuntu 9.10).
I install and re-install twice without success. All others features seam run well.
Thank's for your help

Thank's a lot - this post resolve my pb

Be careful using Edgers... it's too new and on the edge.

I tried it and my Xsession would always restart... be surfing the web or whatever, and randomly bring me back to the login screen.

I then tried a more stable one as indicated on the edgers site.


* For less fresh, more stable updates, see

end quote

This was much more stable.