Noob question - I can preview and capture, but nothing saves

Hi there,

Noob here who is trying out OpenSource video making..Really like Kdenlive's interface...

NOW...When I run from GUI I can playback and control PD170, and initiate a capture HOWEVER, when I stop, the pop-up window dispalys no caputred material in it, and when I click 'process video' it goes away, yet no video is processed, nor captured...

I thought maybe it was a permissions thing so I tried to run it under commandline as 'su' then kdenlive -caption "%c" %i %m, but that didn't even allow me to capture or anything.

I installed the dvgrabber, so if anyone can offer any tips that would be fantastic.

First, you should test if dvgrab works from the command line.
In a terminal, type:

It should start capturing, press ctrl-C to stop it, you should have a file called something like dvgrab-001.dv in the current folder. If it doesn't work, check the dvgrab forum: ... pics&forum

If this works, you can check in Kdenlive settings dialog, under the "Misc" tab, there is an option called "Folder for temporary files". You can either choose system temp folder or choose one by yourself. Try to choose one that you have write access and see if things get better.

Otherwise, please tell us which dvgrab / kdenlive versions you are using.


My dvgrab worked, however, now when I try to capture I get the following error:\

raw1394 - failed to get handle: Permission denied.
pipe:: I/O error occured
Usually that means that input file is truncated and/or corrupted.

I change the capture folder to one I have full access to as well and it still don't work.

I ran kdeline as sudo kdenline from console and while I could play, I still couldn't save the captured file anywhere when the window pops up.

I have kdenlive : 0.5+svn2007081
and dvgrab : 1.8-4

Kdenlive needs dvgrab >= 2.0 to capture. Currently dvgrab 3.0 has a bug which prevents it to work with Kdenlive, so you will need to install dvgrab 2.1 or 2.2, or wait for the soon to come 3.1 version.



Sorry to be so dumb, but how do I now uninstall DVGRAB 3.0 and then reinstall V2.0 (or 2.1) cheers!

OK, I got everything to work now! Yippe!

A few thing tho'...You get best performance running KDENLIVe as since you can't have a root user in Ubuntu, you are going to get problems saving to folder and the there a way to run KDENLIVE and have full access to folders, especially for n00bs who don't really understand the file security in Ubuntu/Linux?

Cheers and great software, much better than Cinelerra which doesn't even have a capture option that works properly!!!!