Not allowed to render in H.264 and Xvid4

since i reinstalled kdenlive svn from the wizzard, I get no options for H.264 and XVid4, and the rendering button is grayed out.

i'm pretty sure i have all the libraries from

has the option been disabled for some reason? is there a library i should re-check? thanx for pointing me in the right direction.


It's possible the version of ffmpeg you have was compiled without support for those two codecs (and maybe more).  That's all I can think of

it's compiled by the wizard everything is supposed to be enabled no?

I think you may be having the same issue I had in this thread.


Kdenlive now hides rendering formats that are not supported on your system.
XVid and h264 profiles use the lame mp3 encoding.

So your FFmpeg must be compiled with support for liblame. If you compiled FFmpeg yourself, install libmp3lame-dev and compile FFmpeg with the "--enable-libmp3lame" flag.

Otherwise, try installing libmp3lame and run the "Config Wizard" from Kdenlive Settings menu, that will update the profiles shown in Kdenlive.

i have libmp3lame and libmp3lame-dev installed, kdenlive was compiled by the wizzard so i guess it enables it if the lib is present. I ran the "cofig wizard" as well, no change.

installed the unstripped libs as rylleman suggested (libavcodec, libavformat, libavdevice) and still no h264 or xvid, are there other unstripped libs i should install?

Sorry, my answer was completely wrong.

H.264 relies on libx264 and libfaac
Xvid relies on libxvid and libmp3lame

So you need to install those libraries with the development packages too.

those libs were already installed:










The builder wizard does not use the packaged versions of libavcodec and libavformat. It builds its own from FFmpeg SVN, and I am not certain that it detects the x264 and xvid libs and enables those - my current belief is that it does not. I did not write the wizard, and I only use it on my workstation at work (which is not where I am at at the moment). So, I will have to check and get back to you.


I can confirm the wizard currently makes no attempt to build FFmpeg with x264 and xvid. I do not see xvid as that important considering the MPEG-4 in FFmpeg is already very good, but I bet many will miss the x264 option. I will submit my request for that to its maintainer!

ok, thank you for looking into it ddennedy! I agree for the xvid, I just noticed it had the same behaviour as x264 i was trying to render with it.