Not only "Rotate and Shear" but also "Rotate And Zoom" ???

Hello community!

I wonder if there is any video effect that makes it possible to "Rotate And Zoom" a video or an image?

I'm currently needing this for a slideshow about a trip to Amsterdam. Have a look at the sample image I've uploaded:
The initial view should be the red box and then there should be an *animated* "Zoom and Rotation" to show the green box.

To me, this seems to be a very basic effect but I haven't found it yet. Is it available at all?

(Additionally I wonder where I can download effect plugins for kdenlive? Is there already a platform for this??)

I don't know if you can do that with kdenlive, but I guess you can do it easily with synfigstudio ( :
- import an image or a sequence of images into synfig (for a sequence of images, see
- use layers "Rotate" and "Zoom"
- you can then render your animation to several formats and import it back into kdenlive

to do this with kdenlive you need to use the affine composite transition.

Thanks for your help!

I tried it and it looked very promising for a while...
I don't know if this only affects the Live CD version but working with the AffineComposite effect is a horrible experience...