Not wanting to burn a DVD

I would like to use Kdenlive to make video titles to some tapes I am converting to digital.

Followed instructions in this forums Howto section.

Loaded an 'AVI' file, created a clip place it in the time line. Placed the 'AVI' file in the timeline, checked that they worked.

Clicked on 'File' > Save as and gave it a name with 'AVI' extension. Hit enter. Success.


Opened a command window and looked in the directory.  There was my file, 'file.avi.kdenlive'. I was through at this point and do not want to burn a  DVD and I want the files to play with mplayer etc.

Someone mentioned use 'save'  my save is grayed out.

Can someone help?





You have to select "Render", and when you have chosen the kind of video that you want and its format (ex. AVI 16:9), below at the left there is "Render to File".

That's it =)

HOpe it helps