Numbers entered for PIP transition setting not always saved.

If I create a PIP transition, edit it, type a number in the 'transparency' box (say, 99),
then click 'end' to make some change at the other end of the transition, the number I typed doesn't get saved
with the start of the transition, but could well get saved at the end. I think it actually gets processed
when you click in some other field in the dialog panel - clicking 'start' or 'end' doesn't process the number first.

Also, I like typing number and using 'TAB' to move to the next field. When I type 'TAB' in one of the entry
boxed in the PIP dialog, the focus seems to move around in a very strange path.

And finally on the topic of PIP I would really like to be able to

- say "make the start the same as the end"
- save some "favourite" transitions and recall them at later times.