.ogv files from recordMyDesktop - does Kdenlive support them?

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with the latest Kdenlive installed by following the instructions from the Kdenlive website itself.

When I try to add an .ogv file made earlier using recordMyDesktop I get a message that the file isn't supported. Is this the case or is there a way I can get recordMyDesktop files into a project without resorting to re-encoding to .avi or .mp4 first?


some time ago i tried same, IIRC the ogv-files from recordmydesktop are corrupt, or at the beginning from the files were something missing.
Transcode into another codec are usefull.

Hi TiKaey - thanks for this. I thought it was just me having this issue. I was hoping to avoid another transcoding step as the screen recording in the resulting video seems to get blurry when I tried transcoding the .ogv to .avi and then using it in a Kdenlive project.

Have you found settings that keep the screen recording showing clearly in the output from Kdenlive?

Well, my last time, i used that, is some month ago, don't know, how good the result was, but i thing i've used that one (maybe you should delete the soundoptions):
mencoder -idx recording.ogv -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o out.avi

but encoding to DNxHD might be better solution (just with greater files). Some DNxHD-transcoding-profiles are in kedenlive.

Thanks TiKaey. I've had variable success with mencoder in the past - kept halting with 'too many audio packets' but I haven't tried it with the sound options removed.

I wonder if the Kdenlive developers are aware of this .ogv issue and have plans to address it? There must be lots of people who are wanting to import screen recordings at high quality for use in videos.

AFAIK it's not kdenlives fault. The file from recordmydesktop are broken (AFAIR!). But don't know exactly. It's long time ago i used it.


Have any of you guys tried the Screen grab capture method from within Kdenlive? (http://userbase.kde.org/Kdenlive/Manual/Capturing#Screen_Grab)

Does it work for you or do you have a "capture crashed please check your parameters" error?


I wonder if this issue is related to the one you are discussing here?

I've only used recordMyDesktop as a stand-alone up to now - haven't run it from within Kdenlive itself.

I can't guarantee this issue is recordmydesktop but...

I've been having *horrible* problems with sound getting out of sync within about 8 minutes when using a recordmydesktop ogv and a wav. Sometimes it even looks in sync in the timeline, but renders out of sync.

I have a test file with a wav and color clips. It stays perfectly in sync. When it renders it's in sync, so I think this is a file / read issue, not a playback / render issue. When I load up .m2t files (essentially HD mpeg2) again there are no sync issues.

This is why I suspect that either rmd is writing badly timed ogv's or Kdenlive / Melt / FFmpeg are reading them incorrectly.

I'd stay away from rmd+kdenlive myself. I haven't tried it via Kdenlive's capture function. Maybe that would work better.

If your hardware is running at it's limits during capture, you can have a lot of lost (video)frames whereas the audio is nicely captured. Did you check that?

Thanks for the suggestion hdvwolf,

After long and extensive testing, I've come to the conclusion that the entire problem is neither Kdenlive, nor Melt, nor FFMpeg, but, as originally posted, the horrible, broken files produced by RecordMyDesktop. If I try and actually transcode one with FFMPEG and minimal options, using either current stable or git master versions of FFMPEG, I get hundreds / thousands of errors stating:
"Broken file, keyframe not correctly marked.time=00:40:28.70"

I really don't understand why Kdenlive would use RMD for screencaptures, when FFMPEG (which is already a dependency) can do it directly, to m ore formats and without screwing up ogv's so horribly for so long.