Old Skool Motorcycle Party

My best job done with kdenlive, grite software !!!!

Intro part:


Nice job but I didn't watch until the end... sorry but 15min is too long !!

But I watch the trailer entirely ;)

You may have a real good time !!

Where did you get your 1 \ 2 / 3 at the beginning ?!

I am totally ignorant about bike culture, and no video professional, so the following suggestions should be taken with some reserve.
They are just a few things that came across my mind watching your video.

1. Maybe you could try to keep the camera a little more stable. Once I shot a bicycle trip from a back seat of a motorbike, using an manfrotto modosteady. The video still looked kinda "swingy", but at least the hard jolts, which hurt the eyes most, were somewhat softened. At higher speeds, wind pushing against the open LCD, rotating the camera was a problem, so I thought about mounting a compensating "wing" on the other side, but never got to really doing it.

2. I think some more (stable) close up shots of nameplates and engine details could add interest to the video. Also, the farm background and big pot cooking could be the source for some interesting extra shots.

3. Such a trip is good material for "story telling video", made by careful shot sequencing when editing, like starting with bike preparation, then packing, then departing, then driving, etc.

But as I said, these are just my thoughts, not criticism or whatever.

I know how hard it is to take good photos or video of one's "other hobby"... Have a lot of crap photos and video of my hamradio activity, for example.
When you are doing X, there is usually not much time to think about camera work... So maybe, to get the best video, leave your bike
home, and just join the gang as the "reporter" on a friend's back seat, so you can concentrate on taking video.

It was made for fans of this party, and into like you :)

That 3-2-1 was made with kdenlive, image layers - rotating theme and so one (numbers, lines) - it was complex but fun to make :)

Marko - I understand You! Big thank you for the coment!
I tryed to make camera stable as it's possible and after this told it to my friend, second cameraman with orange motorbike!
Even to make this, I cut out many video parts with camera shaking frames to make it better but also tryed to save as many as possible to show more from this party those who stayed at home :)

And also music.. hope it's good for this video! What do You think?

And I'll never be a reporter for this kind of meeting because I'm gonna be part of it on my bike, and only :) p.s. sorry for my english.

About music I know even less than about video, but besides that, I think youur's is a good match for the bike trip theme.

>> And I'll never be a reporter for this kind

He he, that's also why I'll never have a good video of a hamfest :-)

That is cool! Where was it filmed? The camping locations, roads and small towns looked like a great place to explore. The music was a good fit, loved the bikes, seemed to be a good range of manufacturers and ages. And anything involving camping, tenting and cooking over a fire is a good thing! So, the silver bike was a Jawa, I didn't get the make of the orange bike. What was that? And the three-wheel scooters were way cool!

(sorry. double-posted and don't know how to delete the 2nd post)

Thx for coments! Location is in Latvia, that orange also is JAWA 634.
It was fun to ride, and also to make this video, this year also will make a report :)

Edition of year 2012 :)

I like the cutting work, keeps a good dynamic feeling throughout the video.

My best and longest job done, so far with KDEnlive, cutting, color edit etc :)