Only 1 working button on Shuttlexpress

So I'm slowly trying to use Kdenlive for more and more.. one thing I need to make my work faster is my ShuttleExpress working.

Advancing 1 frame (wheel) works fine, as does the speed controller (kind-of..), but there is a problem with the buttons.

The Shuttlexpress has 5 buttons.. but when I configure them in Kdenlive, only 1 of them works. For some reason, the first button on the left of the controller is mapped to 'Button 5' in Kdenlive.. and the other button mappings (1 through 4) don't seem to work.

Is is possible that the Shuttlexpress maps it's buttons 5,6,7,8,9 instead of 1,2,3,4,5 - that would explain why the first button works (but is button 5 in kdenlive) and the rest done (as there is no option to configure buttons 6 -9 )?

If that's the case, does anyone know a work around?

Update: After some more googling, I found evidence my guess is right.. (line 350): it looks like the buttons might be mapped (left-to-right) 5,6,7,8,9.

Update More: So I uncommented a line in the source (jogshuttle.cpp) to see the button presses in the terminal and get this output:

Firing button event for #5
Firing button event for #6
Button 6 has no action
Firing button event for #7
Button 7 has no action
Firing button event for #8
Button 8 has no action
Firing button event for #9
Button 9 has no action

.. so it looks like that is indeed the problem. Guess that's a bug.

Some days ago I got my ShuttleXpress. You are absolutely right with your suggestion. I think we have to introduce a more generic interface for key mapping. Just for now I am working on another feature but after that perhaps I'll find the time for this.