Only the first few seconds of the DVD play

My daughter has been using Kdenlive for a school project, and to tell the
truth, I'm very impressed with it. It's been very easy to use, and hasn't
crashed once. She has completed the 3.30 short in a rough cut, and at that
point we decided to render it to DVD. The problem is that when we burn it to
DVD-R and put it in a DVD-player, the menu loads, clicking this starts the
main feature, but only 2-3 seconds of it play. Then it goes back to the

I've tried using the default burn in K3B, using K3B standalone (and also on a
different PC) to burn, using QDvdAuthor, and also ManDVD (again using K3B and
doing a direct burn), but all of them are coasters. The rendered material
plays fine on the PC, so I may be missing something obvious on the burning
side. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could try - I would
really like her to finish the project on Linux if possible.



hi donnek,
after receiving the same results, I go creating MPEG files only - export the timeline (in my case: format mpeg->720x576->high). Then with DeVeDe you can create the DVD :)
chao, rickie