I tried some times for use Kdenlive on video editing. I tried to edit a simple videoclips based on DV PAL Widescreen. Sources are coded on DV avi format. I only apply some effects and create some keyframes for volume and opacity but kdenlive crash each a few seconds or minutes when I use preview screen. I use last version Kdenlive 0.7.8 with last MELT 0.7 on Ubuntu 10.10 64 bits.

I think this program is not usable at all.

sorry, kdenlive is NOT instable as you say ...

since 2 or 3 years we don't see crash ...

may be it's an another prblem (install, hard ... ?)

I use a notebook with an i7 cpu, nvidia gt210 graphic card, dual hard disk sata.oss is ubuntu 10.10 x64. kdenlive 0.7.8 on melt 0.7. When kdenlive 0.8 will arrive?

MLT v0.7.0 is too new for Kdenlive 0.7.8. You are using an unsupported combination of versions. It should be MLT v0.5.10.

I use kdenlive-svn and mlt-git, and its crashing a lot when pressing "pause" :/

I am agree with langostino. I love kdenlive, but it crashes a lot. I have to press save button every 5 seconds. I am using mlt 0.7, frei0r plugins 1.3 and latest kdenlive-svn.

MLT v 0.7.0 introduced a major change in the form of parallel processing that is likely de-stabilizing. Work is ongoing, and I strongly suggest anyone using the MLT 0.7.x series be prepared to periodically update or downgrade to 0.6.2. If you downgrade, you should not change the # processing threads over 1 in Settings > Kdenlive Settings > Environment. Obviously, I can not reproduce the problem with crash on pause - something as basic as that would have been fixed if it happened to me.

There may be an issue with repository packagers not knowing what the correct versions should be. On my laptop I have a similar configuration of kdenlive 0.7.8 and MLT 0.7, which was automatically installed as a dependency when I installed kdenlive from the Packman repository for openSUSE 11.4. I think a lot of people might have this configuration because of potentially sub-optimal dependency resolution in the repositories. OTOH, when you run the config wizard in kdenlive 0.7.8, it reports that MLT 0.7.0 is OK, so I can understand the repository packagers not knowing it could be a problem.

For me, I've been running with this combination and not having any increased problems of crashing above the normal very occasional crash (perhaps the number of cpus defaults to 1, since the kdenlive 0.7.8 configuration GUI doesn't seem have a way to set it to anything else).

I installed 0.7.9 REV 5523 with the new Builder Wizard and it installed MLT 0.7.1. I sometimes experience crashes when I press the "Stop" button while viewing in the Project Monitor.


i don't care to defend kdenlive or anything but my honest experience has been super stability for the current version. i've only had 1 crash in a year and my project is super complicated with lots of layers audio, effects(and effect animation), and compositing

hmmm, i am a great fan o kdenlive but recently tried to edit a project without success. actually i might have had if i had continued but the deadline was too near. i ended up using blender to edit and kdenlive to view the rendered png's. but keep up the great work guys! it is a great program.

You have to put a lot of effect on the video to got it crashing.

EDIT : btw, downgrading to 0.6.2 solved my problems. thanks

Mlt 0.7 is installed when you install kdenlive 0.7.8 from repositories published in this page. How can I formats downgrade melt version?

MMmh, sorry. It fixed the crash problems, but it caused another one : HUGE memory leak.

Kdenlive taking 2.5 Go after 10 mins of HD editing and 5-6 effects. lol.

please update, new packages uploaded.


New package on svn ?

Or its only for ubuntu ?


All my packages are for Ubuntu
A pre-release package of kdenlive 0.8 is now ready in ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release
As usual daily development snapshots are in ppa:sunab/kdenlive-svn


Are your packages stable ? Because i use kdenlive-svn, and with mlt-0.7, its crashy. With mlt-0.6.2 its ok.

If they are stable, how did you do ?

In the kdenlive source tree, at this moment, v0.8 requires mlt 0.7.0.
Stability is a very specific question, I used kdenlive-svn packages along mlt 0.7-git series for 8 hour of common work without any crash.
Can you describe a crash precisely, i will try to reproduce it.


Add 5-6 effects to HD video, try to play it, it should be laggy, pause it, it crashes.

At this moment I am not able to reproduce this kind of crash using mlt 0.7.0
I have tested with many AVCHD clips in a new project {with and without activating proxy option}, added 7 effects on each clip (defish, mirror, B, dust, speed, scale and tilt, denoiser). It is extremely laggy, but no crash.

The lag thing is normal, not sufficient cpu horse power with only one core working. According to mlt developer multi-threading is in very early stage.

Your project file (file.kdenlive) was created long time ago? which versions of kdenlive/mlt used to create it?
Does it crash if you create a brand new project?
Are you using the experimental processing threads option of kdenlive? (Settings > Kdenlive Settings > Environment)

Note : I am not a kdenlive developer, I only make some packages to help Ubuntu users to try the latest features without the compiling the kdenlive stack by themselves.

Your project file (file.kdenlive) was created long time ago? which versions of kdenlive/mlt used to create it?
Dont remember. How can i know it ?
Does it crash if you create a brand new project?
Wow. Very strange. I created a new project, no crash. wtf ?!
Are you using the experimental processing threads option of kdenlive? (Settings > Kdenlive Settings > Environment)

Inso said : "Dont remember. How can i know it ?"
A .kdenlive project file is an xml structure.
Explore your old .kdenlive file with a text editor. Search for "kdenliveversion="

Inso said : "Wow. Very strange. I created a new project, no crash. wtf ?!"
This xml structure can change along time with kdenlive/mlt new features. Maybe there is a "problem" when handling an "old" project file?

Can you post your old project file (which causes the crash).

Here is the line about the version :


Here is the file :

I have to agree with this sentiment. Stability PLEASE.

I have been using (attempting) Kdenlive for over 2 years. I've installed from repositories, I've used the builder, I've compiled the source myself, I've done it all.

Kdenlive has great potential, it could be way ahead of all of the rest of Linux video editors, all except for one thing.


All of these extra new features, such as light graffiti, vector scopes, ect are wonderful ideas... if and when the software just worked with out crashing.

I know, you the developers put a lot of time into Kdenlive, and don't get paid for it. We should be all be thankful that Kdenlive even exists.

But please, please, could you invest some time into stabilising Kdenlive so that it is a reliable and usable production tool?

I don't have to restart Gimp because it crashed after a few edits. It just does it's job. And I want to do my "job"; edit videos.

If I could, I would get involved with the programming and help you out. Instead, I file crash reports (as detailed as possible) to help out with pin pointing the issues.

Again, thanks for the great work so far, but please, invest more time in stability than new features.