Only for technically advanced?

I really love the potential of this software. The tutorials are fantastic. But it seems like this is only for a select few who are programmers or really savvy techs. I was hoping for something like an installation package or something. Is this "not-ready-for-prime-time" yet? It just seems to be a puzzle to install and to know what other things must be installed for this to work properly. If this is spelled out somewhere, I missed it.

You can install on Mandriva with

#urpmi kdenlive

on  Debian with

#aptitude install kdenlive (or apt-get...)

Opensuse with Yast or yum, on slack with installpkg...

¿What distro use you?


What if you would compile you then is a bit dificult, very little.

I am not programmer and I compile it on my Mandriva (is dificult the prime time but funny), on my Debian I get the official repositories

survivor: building kdenlive it's not the simplest thing, sure, but there are lots of distributions (even freebsd!) shipping pre-built packages:


for compile you can use kdenlive builder wizard, it's more easy and you can install a version in a directory of your choice, not in then system folder ...


This all new KDE4 version is becoming incredibly popular, and the distributions are just now getting packages stabilized. Also, some distributions do not provide, or at least not by default, the codecs that many users want to output to, which can cause confusion.

Thanks to you all for your responses. I think I will monitor this project and wait to see how it advances.