Opacity in composite transition not really 100%

I am trying to make a composite between a title clip containing a png file with transparent background with an opaque png file background. The setup is the title clip in video layer 1 and the png background clip in video layer 2 with a composite transition between the two. It works as far as having the transparent area of the title clip transparent, however the png within the title clip also seems to have some transparency to it and so the background shows through it.
The opacity is set to 100% and I can confirm that the png file in the title clip is fully opaque.
Is there some kind of bug that causes the opacity to be slightly less than 100%? Is there any way to fix this? I would use blender, but I would rather not use a 3D program to make a 2D transition.

Here is a link to a picture that illustrates the problem: http://imgur.com/d3r0n

Composite Transition seems to have some issues with transparency - see: http://kdenlive.org/forum/composite-transition-opacity

Who can create a bug report?