an open source Stop Motion movie made with Kdenlive will be out

hi, I'm coming back to Kdenlive community after a while away (I have worked on Portuguese translations and the Wikipédia book a long time ago).

I have done with a friend an amateur open source stop motion movie. While not professionnal stuff, we have worked on it 2 hours a week for 4 years, so we hope it is not completely interestless...

This interesting part for Kdenlive it that all work was done with Kdenlive ( version 0.5 as more recent versions are not frame by frame compatible with such an old project). So maybe all the people who has worked for so long on Kdelive will enjoy watching a movie that would never exist without their work ;-)

Until 10/10/10 there is only a Trailer, and I am working on a making-of with Kdenlive 0.7.8 which works much better than 0.5 .

Thank you Kdenlive people for the hard work.

Well, I was forgotting the site :

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Wow! Thank you for sharing the news; I am sure we all look forward to it. When you post the announcement of the availability of the movie, you should use the Theater forum.

Oh, thank you! My eyes must be out, I have searched such a zone in the forum without finding it ;-) maybe I'll find how to move the post.

So it is the day it will be out... at 10h10m GMT+1. The motion is french speaken. Subtitles are included in english, spanish, portuguese and of course french.