openSUSE: mlt-0.4.0 broke my kdelive-0.7.3 [solved with 0.7.4]

There was an openSUSE Packman packaged update to kde4-kdenlive yesterday from version to, for openSUSE-11.1 which included updates to some other libraries. I applied the change to my 32-bit openSUSE-11.1 laptop's KDE-3.5.10 desktop, and it immediately broke kdenlive, yielding the error :

A Fatal Error Occured
The application Kdenlive (kdenlive) crashed and caused the signal

I suspect the update was to take advantage of a new version of libmlt/mlt (from 0.3.8 to 0.4.0) but it did not work for me.

I have my software configuration manager (smart package manager) setup to save every rpm I install, so I rolled back to the previous version. This was a bit tricky because of the various dependency packages that I had to also roll back. I ended up typing "rpm -qa --last" to see what rpms I had installed, and even then I had to do some detective work to roll back the dependencies. In the end I rolled back to

* to
* re-install
* libmlt1-0.4.0-0.pm1 to
* re-install
* to

kde4-kdenlive now works again on my openSUSE-11.1 PC with kde-3.5.10.


I am in the same situation, can anybody tell me how to get the older packages? Unfortunatelly I use 64-bit openSUSE 11.1


Hi folks,

I have done the update / downgrade as well. There is a mlt-0.3.8 available (64 Bit as well) on packman since 8 hours or so. Start Yast software installation and do an update on your packman packages (highlighted red). This does the downgrade. Now the kdenlive starts again.

After downgrading:

> rpm -qa | grep kdenlive
> rpm -qa | grep mlt

Hope that solves the problem. Did not test rendering/stability since update/downgarde to kdenlive-0.7.3 and mlt-0.3.8.

Cu, Zed.

Yes. The packman packager (Toni) put a downgrade on Packman to fix the problem.

I discovered others on openSUSE forums with the same problem, so I emailed Toni on Wednesday PM, and by Thursday noon he had a fix out on the repositories. Toni sent me this:

======== start email from Packman packager ===========

I redowngraded mlt-package to 0.3.8 and updated kde4-kdenlive to release (simple rebuild, with increased release tag)

So the problem should be gone for the moment.

For the record, you need now:

* mlt-packages 0.3.8 with release tag
* mlt++-packages 0.3.8 with release tag
* kde4-kdenlive 0.7.3 with release tag

those packages should be installed by a selection of the new kde4-kdenlive package (but I have no experiences with downgrades handled by zypper). But as kdenlve now requires* it should work.

the reason for the troubles are simple:

mlt framework has massive changes and so I think we'll wait for kdenlive to follow this changes

======== end email from Packman packager ===========

FYI, much of these changes in mlt 0.4.0 are to help applications like kdenlive in the future. mlt++ was integrated into the main mlt source tarball, and the client/server video server that were not used by apps were removed.

An update to this thread re: mlt-0.4.0: The packman packagers for openSUSE packaged the new kdenlive-0.7.4 with mlt-0.4.2 and it works well now on two of my openSUSE-11.1 PCs with KDE-3.5.10 (32-bit openSUSE on athlon-2800 w/2GB RAM and a 64-bit openSUSE on an Intel Core i7 920 w/6GB RAM).