Optimized timeline and renedering to address slower PC

Hi All,
I would like to propose an idea to have constant and fast time-line editing performance in Kdenlive with different raw footage. It directly affects rendering and therefore I write to that Forum Topic.

I am a new user of Kdenlive that has a new AVCHD camera (Canon HF100) and an older laptop (Intel dual core T7200 2.00GHz CPU, 1GB RAM) for video editing.

I tried the program and it is very easy to use, well-looking and feature rich, however it is so slow with my 1080i .MTS files.

So I wanted to ask:
I see that rendering can take up time with AVCHD, but why should time-line editing be so slow?

So the idea that came to me that perhaps is well know anyway:
Use intermediate clip representation with lower resolution that is directly linked to the higher resolution clip files via some timing meta-data.

So then the improved work-flow should look like:

1. Add clips

2. Trans-code clips to intermediate lower res representation.
NOTE: This can take time, but should result in clips that are very fast to add and edited on the time-line even on slower PCs.

3. Edit time-line
NOTE: At least for me is not so important to work on hires video here, but is very important to have a responsive software. I could also live with very fast "wire-frame" mode like in CorelDraw for exmple.

4. Rendering
NOTE: This can take its time, while I sleep or go to work ;). It would be great if it can somehow avoid trans-coding the original clips when desired output has same video properties as the raw video clips (smart-rendering).
NOTE: Using the intermediate metadata that links hires initial clips to lower res intermediate representation should be of help to smart-rendering.

I know I am a beginer to video-editing, but wanted to know if above ideas make sense.
Thank you very much for your time to read and provide feedback.

All the best from one big linux fan :)


This is called proxy editing and not yet available. Meanwhile, most Kdenlive users convert AVCHD to DNxHD, intra-only MPEG-4, or MJPEG AVI at full resolution and with very little loss of quality and just render directly from these.

That's right. And please, take a look at my last post on this thread:
to have an idea on how to achieve a DIY "proxy editing" with Kdenlive.

Hi Guys,
Thank you both very much for the useful information.
I will definitely try that proxy editing hint.