An option to avoid 1 GB files cutting when capturing from camescope


I captured a DV tape from my camescope using kdenlive. Unfortunately it uses the default configuration of dvgrab: a new file is created each 1 GB. But I would prefer to obtain only one big file (13.2 GB) for each tape.

There is an option in dvgrab to avoid cutting:  --size 0

Would it be possible to add this option in the configuration of the Firewire capture window ?

Thank you. Kdenlive is a great software. The 0.5 version was still to buggy for me, but I just made my first movie in Linux with the 0.7.3 version and I was really impressed by the progress.



I prefer to obtain only one big file, you can try dv1 format or comand option #dvgrab --format dv2 size 0 --opendml

--frames number

dvgrab will record this many number of frames per file. One second of PAL data contains 25 frames and one second of NTSC data contains approx. 30 frames.

The default value is practically infinite; note however that there is a file size limit of 1 GByte for the AVI file format. dvgrab will create a new file if the size is slightly less than 1 GByte.

dv1 and dv2 are .avi formats... but

The OpenDML option only applies to Type 2. OpenDML allows for very large files (greater than 1GB), and Kino automatically switches to OpenDML if it detects the file size will exceed 1GB. Type 1 is natively OpenDML.

Here dvgrab man page

Is posible a OpenDML gui option in Kdenlive?


I successfully obtained a big Type 2 file (13.2 GB) using the following command:

sudo dvgrab -i --size 0 --format dv2 "K7 camescope n°8"

I think --size 0 and --opendml options have the same effect.

It would probably be easy to add this option in kdenlive or to allow the user to add whatever options he needs in the dvgrab command line.