Overlay size not working

Hello, Im new to kdenlive and ramped up quite quickly with it. I really enjoy it. However, Im having a strange problem.

Starting with a title menu, If I try and import a video or picture over it and resize it down, The effects do not happen until about 3 or so seconds into the time line. So, I end up with a title that gets covered up by a video or picture for about 3 seconds or so and then the video or picture will resize to the correct smaller size.

Hope I explained myself well enough.

Anyone experiencing this?

Fedora 13, Kdenlive version .7.7.1

Ok, I figured it out. Anyone else with this type of problem or similar check to make sure you dont have some wierd transistion in your project. Mine was small and not noticeable until I increased the time line size.

So, All works!