Pan & Zoom crops layer

It seems that Pan & Zoom is cropping layers by 1 pixel...

1) Start new project
2) Add a bright red color clip
3) Drag onto Video 2 layer
4) Insert a jpeg (or other media) that is exactly the frame size (1280 x 720 in my case)
5) Drag onto Video 1 layer

At this point, the red background does not show anywhere.

6) Add "Pan & Zoom" to media on Video 1, do not change any values

Now you can see a line of 1 pixel red on the right and bottom edges of the media.

Note: Since many of the bugs I found in 0.8 didn't seem to happen for other people, I'm posting bugs here as well as Mantis, as I think more people look here. Would be great if someone could verify these are also happening on their setup.


I have exactly the same effect on 0.8.2 Version. The cropping doesn't exist all the time. Partly the full image can be seen, then it is cropped at right and bottom. Most of the time only the rightmost column is missing.
The cropped area is transparent and renders to black if nothing is beyond it.
The only way to avoid the problem is putting the original video under the scaled one and copmosite them together.

It looks like an floating point rounding issue to me. Maybe it would help to simply handle the 100% condition seperatly, since the problem is gone when zooming 1 pixel in, and zooming out alway leaves part of the image transparent.