Pan Zoom preview does not match render - See screenshot vid

I am trying to do a simple pan and zoom on a still picture (jpg). I have the pan zoom effect setup how I want it, and when I play it in Kdenlive, it looks great. I then render the project, and the pan zoom is something totally different! I am using Kdenlive version 0.9.2 in Ubuntu 12.04 with all installed packages up to date.

The P/Z effect is somewhat confusing for me to figure out, and now even more so because the render does not match the preview within Kdenlive!

Watch to see what I'm talking about.

Any ideas on how to make the final render work as it is supposed to?

I tried to reproduce your issue. But I could not. Results and how I did it demoed at

I have two key frames in the pan and zoom. One at the begining and one at the end. My size was 25% at the start key frame and 100% at the end. And I centered the images on the screen at both keyframes.

The preview and the render appear the same.
Your way of doing it might be different to what I did.

The other difference might be I am using 0.9.3 from

Thanks for the video. I appreciate that. I appears I was doing it the same as you were, but who knows. I had been playing with P/Z for a while just trying to learn it, and then noticed each render was looking the same. I may have confused Kdenlive. It does have some strange quirks. Later today when I get a chance I'll start a new project and try again and see if that makes a difference.

I may also update to the latest version. That sometimes makes a big difference depending on what bugs, etc were fixed.

Just now got a chance to play with this again.. wouldn't you know, I started a new project, imported a .jpg, and setup the P/Z stuff again. This time the render matches the preview. Who knows.. guess it's one of those Kdenlive quirks.

Thank again for your input, ttguy.