A Party in Sweden - My first ever production :)

Guys, thank you so much for the hard work and development into kdenlive and especially for releasing it open source.

Last weekend I was in Sweden with friends and on Saturday night we went to a party. Half way through the evening I decided to start filming random things with the vague idea of somehow patching all the scenes together and popping it on youtube so everyone could see. I got home a few days ago and trawled the net for software and found kdenlive. It took me while to get it to run (I ended up using the build scripts) and here's my first ever attempt at production.

Great fun to make and for adult ears only ;)

http://youtu.be/E4IZWo1D9hM (adult content - moderate swearing)

I would greatly appreciate your comments



By the way... All filmed on my mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy S


That was really good! I tend to like watching "People Videos" a lot more these days. Growing a little bored of those beautifully filmed scenery videos made with cameras and equipment that cost more than my car.

Thanks for that.

PS: I think I saw at least one serious headache waiting for the morning light:-)


Haha yeah I'm pleased I was "the driver" that night!

I've really enjoyed making the film and will make sure my phone is fully charged next time I go out and my SD card is empty :)

Im running FC14 with 0.8.3 on a tiny little netbook, 8 minutes rendering took almost 1 hour LOL

Thanks for the feedback!